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where ????

can/t find my downloads WHERE ARE THEY ? UUGH


easy to find ringtone i wanted, doubt i will ever get to use it...what the hell,where did it go ?


How do you access the downloads from contacts to set specific ringtones for specific contacts or groups??? Also, no Classical category? Very disappointing. Sound quality of downloads is great, but then they can't be used. If this is resolved and the categories are expanded, I'll gladly update this review and give it more stars.

Great tones if u could get them in your phone

After download ???


Once the songs are emailed, they go nowhere and I am unable to assign them to anything. I was impressed by the songs, but could not even get app support, so am disappointed at this point.


This App has some pretty good ringtones, but I have no idea how to find the ringtone once I downloaded them!! I need help with the instructions please!

  • send link to app